Sunday, August 18, 2013

felicity sweaters

august is more than halfway over and may i just say, good riddance.  august is to south florida as january is to any region that endures an actual winter.  no sane person spends any amount of time outdoors, and my god do we binge watch television.  our tv is working overtime this month.  mark and i have been alternating between felicity and homeland; i'll let you guess who chose which.  and right on time, my annual summer cold arrived thursday morning and manifested into a terror during my workday, forcing me to leave early, miss friday entirely, have zero fun on saturday, and make a half-assed attempt to leave the house for a latte today.  and you know, while out getting that sunday latte i thought, this is the perfect time to be stuck inside because this temperature: OOF.  the september issues are appearing on drug store shelves so cold medicine runs have a sense of purpose, and i'm finally getting my $8 worth of netflix streaming.  it's the ideal time for a once-yearly cold, really.

except that mark caught my cold two days after returning from his trip.  i rolled over one morning and said, "this is the only downside of living with someone," to which he winked and replied, "only?"

moving onto business matters, all this felicity has validated the chunky 90s sweaters i've been collecting all summer, and today seemed like the perfect time to list them in my vintage shop.  i promise i didn't breathe on them.  (related: THISis my new best friend.)


  1. ah, i'm so excited for august to be over as well. i can't wait to wear sweaters. also, your vintage shop is so cute! i love all of the sweaters there.. come now fall!

    lindsey louise

  2. Just browsed the shop, obsessed with the army cardigan. You've got some good goodies right now.

  3. I bought a sweater shaver from Brookstone at Lynnhaven two years ago and it has become one of my most coveted items. I'm glad I'm not the only one who gets such joy from gadgetry :D


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