Sunday, September 22, 2013

fall ya'll

happy first day of fall!

i love this gorgeous shot by katie of chestnut mocha.  heavenly.

my vintage shop is bursting at the seams with fall clothes waiting to be worn, and since i'm sitting here in short sleeves and cutoffs, i'll need you to take it off my hands.  10% off everything with code AUTUMN at checkout.  xo!

Friday, September 20, 2013

pins & needles

oh pinterest, how i love thee.  how do you pin, guys?  i'm actually pretty methodical in my pinning.  i never just hit repin, but instead always click through to the source to see where the pretty image originated.  i've found so many interesting blogs and articles and online shops this way.  which!  has also led to many an internet k-hole.  i try to reserve pinterest for general chill time- namely when mark's got his eyes glued some televised sporting event.  lucky for me it's football season, which is also prime fall clothing + holiday DIY pinterest time.  :)  you can follow along with me here!  above, a few of my recent favorites from around the web.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

fashion weak

so i bought a leather jacket. a real one. i have conflicting emotions about this because, a- it's one of those exciting investment piece big girl purchases yay, but then b- i haven't eaten beef since a cheap wendy's hamburger food-poisoned me in '98 and let's be honest, wearing a leather jacket screams BAD VEGETARIAN.

as if people didn't notice the disconnect before. the girl eating a quinoa burger with leather on one shoulder and beneath both ankles.

speaking of: the birkenstock thing has morphed into a completely different cool-monster since i first worried about the decline of my taste level back in april, hasn't it?!  every model on pinterest is wearing jet black leather arizonas, and hell if they wouldn't look chic with my new leather jacket and some potato sack of a vintage maxi dress!! like super biker hippie chic. #sorryagainmom

so i bought some (after bidding the RZA gizehs adieu; downsizing! making good choices!), and i scooped these discounted ballet flats, too. because i am a working professional, lest we forget. i'll pop a collar under this mustard dream sweater when i'm in the office, drape a giant blanket scarf across it when i'm not, and basically that's all i'm wearing this fall/winter. because i gave all my other clothes away. (there will be pants involved too, relax.)

above: my old holier-than-thou it's faux jacket, which i'm hanging on to for now.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

mara hoffman sp. 2014

it's been a long time since i sat glued to during fashion week... years really.  that was one of those masochistic past times i had as an extremely broke college kid with no hope of ever acquiring the stuff.  oh boo hoo.  but yesterday my friend pam instagrammed the dress below from mara hoffman's spring '14 show and my head exploded. guess who's suddenly clicking around once again?  eff, her stuff is so good.  (i still want this, i'm going to always want this.)

Friday, September 6, 2013

on collecting, again

i needed this this morning.  (thanks rebecca, you wise one, you.)  i also need a pumpkin spice latte.

yesterday (which i had off from work!  today too!) i pulled a couple of my vintage weekend bags down from the "collection" way up high in the closet.  didn't remember i'd used them to store clothes in when i moved down here 18 months ago.  oh hello, CLOTHING I HAVE NOT WORN OR THOUGHT ABOUT FOR 18 MONTHS.  yesterday had been earmarked for the underbed clothing storage-- unpack the space bags full of sweaters and plaids, repack them with sundresses and nautical stripes, wash all of it first... that whole fall cleaning thing.  so when i found another vintage stash i almost cried.  six loads of laundry, six episodes of felicity (will we ever finish season 4?!  4's a train wreck i never watched the first time), and a mexican restaurant interlude later, and i wound up with a brave donation pile and photographs of some of my favorite pieces to sell HERE.  adding more today.  after the PSL.  (another hodgepodge of non-vintage, HERE.)

then last night i came across this article which was surprisingly helpful, perspective-wise.  mark and i always joke that our future (maybe, no promises) child will get like one toy a year, and we'll be really particular about what it is; the eames elephant!  (mean mommy.)  well guess what?  vintage clothes might as well be my toys, and it's time to get better at sharing.  with my 30s came nutso minimalist urges and really, i'm diggin' it.  downsize downsize downsize!!!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

six weeks' worth

hello, september!  i'm stoked to welcome this month for lots of reasons: a handful of little adventures planned (and lots of time off work), einstein bros' annual unveiling of the pumpkin bagel, and the end of august's brutal south florida heat, to name a few.  

an IG roundup of the last six weeks is overdue!  (it's best to catch all the action there, because i'm the queen of deleting photos that ultimately don't flow aesthetically.  ocd.)  

looking back at my birthday and the weeks that followed, life was pretty good despite that 14-day cold i had!  the chalk scrawl i happened upon in the post office parking lot one morning made me smile, since it's totally how i roll (except i get the your/you're concept).  and mark's and my two year anniversary came and went last month!  ♥  he's been home a couple weeks and i'm still fawning over the mochila he brought home from cartagena for me.  (i'm not going to win the record player battle, though.)  

cheers to a beautiful september, friends!

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