Tuesday, September 10, 2013

fashion weak

so i bought a leather jacket. a real one. i have conflicting emotions about this because, a- it's one of those exciting investment piece big girl purchases yay, but then b- i haven't eaten beef since a cheap wendy's hamburger food-poisoned me in '98 and let's be honest, wearing a leather jacket screams BAD VEGETARIAN.

as if people didn't notice the disconnect before. the girl eating a quinoa burger with leather on one shoulder and beneath both ankles.

speaking of: the birkenstock thing has morphed into a completely different cool-monster since i first worried about the decline of my taste level back in april, hasn't it?!  every model on pinterest is wearing jet black leather arizonas, and hell if they wouldn't look chic with my new leather jacket and some potato sack of a vintage maxi dress!! like super biker hippie chic. #sorryagainmom

so i bought some (after bidding the RZA gizehs adieu; downsizing! making good choices!), and i scooped these discounted ballet flats, too. because i am a working professional, lest we forget. i'll pop a collar under this mustard dream sweater when i'm in the office, drape a giant blanket scarf across it when i'm not, and basically that's all i'm wearing this fall/winter. because i gave all my other clothes away. (there will be pants involved too, relax.)

above: my old holier-than-thou it's faux jacket, which i'm hanging on to for now.

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