Friday, September 6, 2013

on collecting, again

i needed this this morning.  (thanks rebecca, you wise one, you.)  i also need a pumpkin spice latte.

yesterday (which i had off from work!  today too!) i pulled a couple of my vintage weekend bags down from the "collection" way up high in the closet.  didn't remember i'd used them to store clothes in when i moved down here 18 months ago.  oh hello, CLOTHING I HAVE NOT WORN OR THOUGHT ABOUT FOR 18 MONTHS.  yesterday had been earmarked for the underbed clothing storage-- unpack the space bags full of sweaters and plaids, repack them with sundresses and nautical stripes, wash all of it first... that whole fall cleaning thing.  so when i found another vintage stash i almost cried.  six loads of laundry, six episodes of felicity (will we ever finish season 4?!  4's a train wreck i never watched the first time), and a mexican restaurant interlude later, and i wound up with a brave donation pile and photographs of some of my favorite pieces to sell HERE.  adding more today.  after the PSL.  (another hodgepodge of non-vintage, HERE.)

then last night i came across this article which was surprisingly helpful, perspective-wise.  mark and i always joke that our future (maybe, no promises) child will get like one toy a year, and we'll be really particular about what it is; the eames elephant!  (mean mommy.)  well guess what?  vintage clothes might as well be my toys, and it's time to get better at sharing.  with my 30s came nutso minimalist urges and really, i'm diggin' it.  downsize downsize downsize!!!


  1. there is nothing like bringing out the fall clothing! it is still too hot where i live to do that. oh how i long for it! and i really like that article! totally agree.

    1. oh goodness it is always too hot for fall clothing here! i'm just a stickler for seasonal color rules. :)

  2. that article you linked to is good, really good. i'm trying hard to live that, but man is it hard, especially with grandparents.


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