Sunday, September 1, 2013

six weeks' worth

hello, september!  i'm stoked to welcome this month for lots of reasons: a handful of little adventures planned (and lots of time off work), einstein bros' annual unveiling of the pumpkin bagel, and the end of august's brutal south florida heat, to name a few.  

an IG roundup of the last six weeks is overdue!  (it's best to catch all the action there, because i'm the queen of deleting photos that ultimately don't flow aesthetically.  ocd.)  

looking back at my birthday and the weeks that followed, life was pretty good despite that 14-day cold i had!  the chalk scrawl i happened upon in the post office parking lot one morning made me smile, since it's totally how i roll (except i get the your/you're concept).  and mark's and my two year anniversary came and went last month!  ♥  he's been home a couple weeks and i'm still fawning over the mochila he brought home from cartagena for me.  (i'm not going to win the record player battle, though.)  

cheers to a beautiful september, friends!

1 comment:

  1. Such beautiful captures! May your september be surprising and interesting in all the good ways!


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