Thursday, October 31, 2013


happy halloween!

monday evening we carved our pumpkin with charlie brown waah-waahing in the background, just like we did last year.  well, okay. mark carved it.  i danced around in jack-o-lantern socks, cracked open the two remaining pumpkin beers for us, and chimed in when it came time to decide on the teeth.  (no teeth!)  mark asked me when the last time i dressed up was, and truthfully, i couldn't remember!  to love this holiday as much as i do, and moreover, to love dressing like a nutjob every day as much as i do, i'm always at a loss for costume ideas.

'til the drive home from work last night, when my radio presets did me right.  mj's thriller, the video for which my third grade class reenacted on stage (i got to be a dancing zombie!), followed by pearl jam's jeremy. hellooooo in-a-pinch eddie vedder costume.

no matter.  tonight we'll continue our yearly tradition of dining out among the other childless adults of the world.  our first halloween together was spent in (snowy!) new york, where we were staying at the tribeca grand in close proximity to a parade, and wound up sharing veggie burgers at lucky strike next to frida kahlo and four different lady gagas.  last year we tried one of the more uppity italian restaurants on "the ave" in downtown delray beach, and were surrounded by fur stoles and hearing aids.  tonight? who knows!

ps- sale ends at midnight!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

get down(time)

though i've been logging 50 hour workweeks for the last few (beat a dead horse, marissa!), my downtime has been really lovely.  i was scrolling through recent photos on my camera roll today and had to smile.  a few highlights: disney!  cat sitting for mark's mom (and eating all her bagel bites, too).  surprise pizza dates with my cute boyfriend.  beach walks, at the start of the best season for beach walks.  the way mark secured our new pumpkin for the ride home, ha!  finding the perfect black leather ankle bootie and deciding i also need them in brown, only to discover they're $30 (instead of $100!) through tomorrow.  and maybe the loveliest bit: waking up this morning and remembering that the event i've worked months to plan was last night, and went off without a hitch.  here's to a few easier days on the horizon!

Sunday, October 20, 2013


since as early as mid-august, my poor instagram pals have been forced to witness my weird affinity for pumpkins and flavored/scented items of the like.  i bragged hard when i was the one to unlock the password protected pumpkin spice latte a few days early at my local starbucks.  i kept everyone apprised of our home's chalkboard wall, which has been chronicling each p-flavored brew mark and i tried over the last 9 weeks.  i even livegrammed our romp through the pumpkin patch.  thanks for not disowning me, guys.  the small glimmer of hope i can offer as pumpkin season winds down is this: i only care about peppermint after a particularly onion-y restaurant meal, and gingerbread flavor actually nauseates me.  but don't let your gourd guard down just yet, there are still eleven fat days left in october.  yay!

Friday, October 18, 2013

pop fizz

tonight mark's taking me to a pizza place a couple towns over that he's been eager to try, and it happens to be friends & family weekend over at kate spade ny (saturday, too)- 30% off everything with code FALL13FF?  and pizza?  yes please.  have a lovely weekend!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

bare legs in october

hello and happy saturday!  i slept in this morning, you guys.  8:45!  i was an hour into a meeting at work that time yesterday so "sleeping in" felt good today.  we've got what local meteorologists are calling a COOL FRONT down here in delray beach this weekend (it's presently 86 degrees), so we're pulling out all the fall stops.  we went to one of the more epic pumpkin patches in boca raton this morning, and we're headed to a football game at mark's alma mater tonight.  it's going to be a good time; floridians are serious about their college football.  (truly, my parents who live in virginia have season tickets to university of florida games.  they. live. in. virginia.)  tomorrow?  oktoberfest (see link above)?  the other good pumpkin patch?  BOTH?  who knows.  it's october, it's the weekend, get WILD.  xoxo.

Monday, October 7, 2013

go nuts

dude, why are donuts so cute?  (doughnuts, i know it's doughnuts.)  there's just something about that iconic pastel sprinkled image!  embarrassingly, it's why i first tried these k-cups. eating that much sugar first thing in the morning, however: not so cute.  shouldn't donuts really be a dessert?  no matter.  dunkin' has a fantastic pumpkin donut right now- best in munchkin form- and this time of year the apple cider donut vendors come out to play.  so!  that makes these dream photos relevant, i say.  have a sweet week, friends.  

see also: ice cream cones.

Friday, October 4, 2013

friday, quittin' time

my dad got me on the phone* the other day and used his sternest voice, the one reserved for C's in high school math, to say: "you know when you put something on the internet it stays there forever, right?"

my blood froze. what. did. he. find?!

but no, the lecture catalyst was just one of my HILARIOUS facebook statuses... something about getting dumped after begging mark to go to olive garden for endless pasta bowls. for a fleeting moment dad thought we actually broke up and was sad! so cute.

it's october, which has always been my favorite month-- long before white girl pumpkin spice latte retweets. suddenly i'm swamped at work, but a completely unexpected bolster to my pay grade this week had me realize that my little lady workhorse ways haven't gone unnoticed. i'm so happy at my job, and i really really love being busy. (if only i channeled that gumption toward cooking a meal or scrubbing the bathtub once in awhile. a homemaker i am not.)

having been so gogogo, i've neglected this space for awhile, and maybe i'll do it again? a few notable notes:

i found this blog six months ago and it's been my go-to chill zone ever since. // the kate spade x darcel donut sweater went on sale (3 days after i bought it)!!! // scandal is back, as of last night. this matters because the guy who played noel (of ben > noel AND ben < noel) is a badass recurring character and hello, grown & sexy.  // my friend rebecca opened a print shop last month! i'll let you guess which one i ordered.  // and finally, everyone in the world is apple picking but me, and i'm achey about it.

*i wound up being iphoneless for 11 total days and learning a bit about addiction in the process. namely the first morning when i wasn't able to check my email while peeing. above photos are from my new not-gold phone.
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