Thursday, October 31, 2013


happy halloween!

monday evening we carved our pumpkin with charlie brown waah-waahing in the background, just like we did last year.  well, okay. mark carved it.  i danced around in jack-o-lantern socks, cracked open the two remaining pumpkin beers for us, and chimed in when it came time to decide on the teeth.  (no teeth!)  mark asked me when the last time i dressed up was, and truthfully, i couldn't remember!  to love this holiday as much as i do, and moreover, to love dressing like a nutjob every day as much as i do, i'm always at a loss for costume ideas.

'til the drive home from work last night, when my radio presets did me right.  mj's thriller, the video for which my third grade class reenacted on stage (i got to be a dancing zombie!), followed by pearl jam's jeremy. hellooooo in-a-pinch eddie vedder costume.

no matter.  tonight we'll continue our yearly tradition of dining out among the other childless adults of the world.  our first halloween together was spent in (snowy!) new york, where we were staying at the tribeca grand in close proximity to a parade, and wound up sharing veggie burgers at lucky strike next to frida kahlo and four different lady gagas.  last year we tried one of the more uppity italian restaurants on "the ave" in downtown delray beach, and were surrounded by fur stoles and hearing aids.  tonight? who knows!

ps- sale ends at midnight!

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