Saturday, October 12, 2013

bare legs in october

hello and happy saturday!  i slept in this morning, you guys.  8:45!  i was an hour into a meeting at work that time yesterday so "sleeping in" felt good today.  we've got what local meteorologists are calling a COOL FRONT down here in delray beach this weekend (it's presently 86 degrees), so we're pulling out all the fall stops.  we went to one of the more epic pumpkin patches in boca raton this morning, and we're headed to a football game at mark's alma mater tonight.  it's going to be a good time; floridians are serious about their college football.  (truly, my parents who live in virginia have season tickets to university of florida games.  they. live. in. virginia.)  tomorrow?  oktoberfest (see link above)?  the other good pumpkin patch?  BOTH?  who knows.  it's october, it's the weekend, get WILD.  xoxo.

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