Friday, October 4, 2013

friday, quittin' time

my dad got me on the phone* the other day and used his sternest voice, the one reserved for C's in high school math, to say: "you know when you put something on the internet it stays there forever, right?"

my blood froze. what. did. he. find?!

but no, the lecture catalyst was just one of my HILARIOUS facebook statuses... something about getting dumped after begging mark to go to olive garden for endless pasta bowls. for a fleeting moment dad thought we actually broke up and was sad! so cute.

it's october, which has always been my favorite month-- long before white girl pumpkin spice latte retweets. suddenly i'm swamped at work, but a completely unexpected bolster to my pay grade this week had me realize that my little lady workhorse ways haven't gone unnoticed. i'm so happy at my job, and i really really love being busy. (if only i channeled that gumption toward cooking a meal or scrubbing the bathtub once in awhile. a homemaker i am not.)

having been so gogogo, i've neglected this space for awhile, and maybe i'll do it again? a few notable notes:

i found this blog six months ago and it's been my go-to chill zone ever since. // the kate spade x darcel donut sweater went on sale (3 days after i bought it)!!! // scandal is back, as of last night. this matters because the guy who played noel (of ben > noel AND ben < noel) is a badass recurring character and hello, grown & sexy.  // my friend rebecca opened a print shop last month! i'll let you guess which one i ordered.  // and finally, everyone in the world is apple picking but me, and i'm achey about it.

*i wound up being iphoneless for 11 total days and learning a bit about addiction in the process. namely the first morning when i wasn't able to check my email while peeing. above photos are from my new not-gold phone.

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