Tuesday, October 22, 2013

get down(time)

though i've been logging 50 hour workweeks for the last few (beat a dead horse, marissa!), my downtime has been really lovely.  i was scrolling through recent photos on my camera roll today and had to smile.  a few highlights: disney!  cat sitting for mark's mom (and eating all her bagel bites, too).  surprise pizza dates with my cute boyfriend.  beach walks, at the start of the best season for beach walks.  the way mark secured our new pumpkin for the ride home, ha!  finding the perfect black leather ankle bootie and deciding i also need them in brown, only to discover they're $30 (instead of $100!) through tomorrow.  and maybe the loveliest bit: waking up this morning and remembering that the event i've worked months to plan was last night, and went off without a hitch.  here's to a few easier days on the horizon!

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