Sunday, October 20, 2013


since as early as mid-august, my poor instagram pals have been forced to witness my weird affinity for pumpkins and flavored/scented items of the like.  i bragged hard when i was the one to unlock the password protected pumpkin spice latte a few days early at my local starbucks.  i kept everyone apprised of our home's chalkboard wall, which has been chronicling each p-flavored brew mark and i tried over the last 9 weeks.  i even livegrammed our romp through the pumpkin patch.  thanks for not disowning me, guys.  the small glimmer of hope i can offer as pumpkin season winds down is this: i only care about peppermint after a particularly onion-y restaurant meal, and gingerbread flavor actually nauseates me.  but don't let your gourd guard down just yet, there are still eleven fat days left in october.  yay!

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