Sunday, November 24, 2013


the other day i was in my office, listening in on a conference call that was extremely important, and about two minutes into it i felt my hand get that itch.  i grabbed my iphone (so to set the scene: we've got old fashioned office telephone in one hand, smart phone in the other), and started tapping and scrolling and liking and retweeting and WAIT.

this morning i deactivated my facebook and twitter accounts, both without hesitation, as i've found both spaces to be where people go to whine.  myself included, and especially on the twitter front.  that feed was nothing but vintage listing updates and snarky one-liners.  i'm sorry about that!  in a season that's meant to be positive and kind, i'm on one of those GOOD THINGS (& good people) ONLY highs.  i've got a slew of blank journals laying around... i'll start saving all my would-be tweets/fb statuses there.  maybe it'll inspire me to write more often for fun, and not just for work.

anyway! the blog will live on, and though i'm not sure we'll find the time for 12 dates this december, mark and i have a few really great things planned for next month that i'll share here.  all is good, all is positive.  and since i don't think i'll "see" you guys again before then, have a very lovely thanksgiving!  enjoy your time with family and close friends- it's really the only thing that matters.  xoxo.

Friday, November 22, 2013

pizza face 2.0

mark with this pizza face recreating this photo.

happy happy happy friday!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


c o o k i e s!  despite having hilariously little interest in cooking, i really do enjoy baking and HELLO i'm pretty good at it.  i think i like it because it's fairly regimented and i'm a square who does well with rule following.  since living in our current place with its bitty kitchen and dicey oven thermostat, i've admittedly done less baking than i'd like, but i'm thinking i'll break out my mother's tried and true sugar cookie and icing recipes in the coming weeks.  i've got a solid cookie cutter collection, and decorating them is half the fun, yeah?  i've used pinterest to round up decorating ideas lately; the snowmen are 100% going to happen now that i've found a gelatin-free marshmallow.  so so cute.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

real talk

as i begin writing this (at 5:08am on a sunday morning, insomniac), a little toad hops by me in the living room as if he has as much right to be here as i do.  we live in a jungle, i swear.  don't worry, when mark wakes up he'll safely usher him back outside with all the iguanas, parrots, snakes, and baby ducks the live in the front yard.

so our christmas tree is up!  it's artificial obviously, and at this point serving more as an added light source in the condo and less as holiday decor.  we haven't brought out the ornaments or stockings yet, but we're at a nice halfway point.  i've made two pilgrimages to the mall in the last week to peek at the holiday window displays that inspire and excite me as much now as when i was a little girl.  mark has started his annual last minute, "well we've got all these days off work anyway," vacation research.  all is sweet in this tree-lit home of ours.

and thanksgiving is already next week... right?  yes, next week!  despite consistently ranking last on my list of favorite holidays- i don't eat turkey, duh- i'm really looking forward to it.  my parents will be here the two days prior, and i can't wait to parade them around our adorable beach town; my dad's never been here!  i'll haul my "real" camera out then, since i've got plenty of blog-worthy activities planned.  i feel we've been slacking on the fun front lately, but our december adventure calendar is filling up fast.  november is proving to be the cozy calm before the storm.

for now, a few snaps from my phone of our recent nice, normal, real-life days.

& hey!  in advance of christmas craziness, everything in my vintage shop is half-off with code HOLIDAY50 at checkout.  yay.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Friday, November 1, 2013

yes, november

hi november, you snuggly thing.  there is something inherently cozy about november to me, and the more i think about it, the more i wonder if i should change my mind about which month is really my favorite?  november toes the line between all things pumpkin and all things christmas.  the leaves are still changing, but snow might show itself any minute.  (in distant lands- not my current south florida locale of course!)  i fully intend to pull our christmas decorations out in exactly two weeks, but for the next 14 days it's perfectly appropriate to leave those mini pumpkin gourds strewn about the house.  see?  perfect month.  i get total tunnel vision when it comes to my color/pattern palette right now too: golds, leopard prints, and classic black + white will carry me through new year's eve.  add in a dash of gray here, a splash of red there, and little sparkle when things need to get fancy.  the above images are the sort of thing i've been pinning lately: november in a nutshell.  enjoy the first weekend of this fabulous month!  xoxo.*

(*oh, that.  i recently picked up watching gossip girl where i left off ages ago- season 3.  the most cerebral of all television series, ha.  no apologies.)
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