Tuesday, November 19, 2013


c o o k i e s!  despite having hilariously little interest in cooking, i really do enjoy baking and HELLO i'm pretty good at it.  i think i like it because it's fairly regimented and i'm a square who does well with rule following.  since living in our current place with its bitty kitchen and dicey oven thermostat, i've admittedly done less baking than i'd like, but i'm thinking i'll break out my mother's tried and true sugar cookie and icing recipes in the coming weeks.  i've got a solid cookie cutter collection, and decorating them is half the fun, yeah?  i've used pinterest to round up decorating ideas lately; the snowmen are 100% going to happen now that i've found a gelatin-free marshmallow.  so so cute.


  1. Marissa, I have to know what kind of marshmallow is gelatin-free! If you don't mind :) Until then, I'm off to go find a cookie to eat.


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