Sunday, November 17, 2013

real talk

as i begin writing this (at 5:08am on a sunday morning, insomniac), a little toad hops by me in the living room as if he has as much right to be here as i do.  we live in a jungle, i swear.  don't worry, when mark wakes up he'll safely usher him back outside with all the iguanas, parrots, snakes, and baby ducks the live in the front yard.

so our christmas tree is up!  it's artificial obviously, and at this point serving more as an added light source in the condo and less as holiday decor.  we haven't brought out the ornaments or stockings yet, but we're at a nice halfway point.  i've made two pilgrimages to the mall in the last week to peek at the holiday window displays that inspire and excite me as much now as when i was a little girl.  mark has started his annual last minute, "well we've got all these days off work anyway," vacation research.  all is sweet in this tree-lit home of ours.

and thanksgiving is already next week... right?  yes, next week!  despite consistently ranking last on my list of favorite holidays- i don't eat turkey, duh- i'm really looking forward to it.  my parents will be here the two days prior, and i can't wait to parade them around our adorable beach town; my dad's never been here!  i'll haul my "real" camera out then, since i've got plenty of blog-worthy activities planned.  i feel we've been slacking on the fun front lately, but our december adventure calendar is filling up fast.  november is proving to be the cozy calm before the storm.

for now, a few snaps from my phone of our recent nice, normal, real-life days.

& hey!  in advance of christmas craziness, everything in my vintage shop is half-off with code HOLIDAY50 at checkout.  yay.


  1. heard that! november is always the calm before the storm! luckily the storm is never that bad and usually jam-packed with fun! :)

  2. AHAH! I knew you were up at 4 am this morning! I woke up from weirdo dreams, looked at my phone and saw you on twitter and I thought to myself in a weird hazy state "what a grandma"


    I'm planning on being in bed by ten tonight. See ya there <3<3<3


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