Wednesday, December 18, 2013

(a few) dates of christmas: the annual house

mark and i have been dreaming and scheming a lot this week about what our christmas day will look like.  this is our third christmas as a couple, but next wednesday will be the first time we wake up in our own place together on christmas morning!  we both love tradition, so imagining that how we spend our day will be replicated for years to come is pretty cool.  we know we'll do pizza on christmas eve for sure; last year we ducked into a random pizza spot in paris before midnight mass at notre dam (sigh), and without really realizing it, a tradition was born!

our first and favorite tradition?  the gingerbread house!  (year one // year two.)  we mixed it up this year and found the raddest 3d puzzle that we started working on the night before thanksgiving.  it ended up being a christmas date that spanned a few days, but we love the finished product!

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