Sunday, December 22, 2013

(a few) dates of christmas: the classics

it really truly, honest to goodness, feels like just yesterday that i was sitting on this very couch jet lagged and bleary eyed, blogging thoughts on the start of the new year.  the rate at which 2013 has blown by me... MAN, GUYS.  the boyfriend has adorably said, "let's open presents now!" at least twice a day over the last week, and it somehow hurts my heart a little more each time.  no way, jose; the sooner we open those gifts, the sooner christmas is over! 

december sped by just as quickly as i'd begged it not to, and mark and i both sort of submersed ourselves and our home in the season in an effort to stave things off just a bit longer... christmas movies and music 'round the clock over here.  we watched white christmas together last friday night, and i insisted there be hot cocoa and socks and the perfect lighting, because that movie is a family tradition of mine, and mark hadn't seen it before!  yesterday he reciprocated, showing me national lampoon's christmas vacation for the first time.  home alone's been on a handful of times (right now, in fact!), and we'll be graced with 24 hours of a christmas story (my faaaaaavorite) in a couple days.  we've also been digging through the thrift store vinyl bins like fiends for old christmas records, and we found a bunch of the classics our collection was lacking, and then some.  carols with cracks and pops forever.  lou rawls' merry christmas ho! ho! ho! is spinning now, home alone on mute.  :)

as for the christmas dating extravaganza, we've kept things much more low key this year than last, but our dc trip will be a big extension of the holiday, and i can't wait to hang around my old stomping grounds and gaze at every national tree with my man.

i hope you have a very beautiful end to the year, my friends.  chinchin, and i will see you in 2014!!

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