Sunday, December 1, 2013

(a few) dates of christmas: extreme dating

mark's and my dates of christmas got off to a rather epic, trippy, XTREME start this past holiday weekend.  i splurged on the fancy leather recliner theater seats to see the hunger games: catching fire in XD wednesday, and my goodness- worth every penny.  (you'll remember i'm a nerd who read all the books years ago.)  we chatted about the movie over beers and french fries afterwards, and agreed that it was GOOD.  damn good.

friday afternoon, in a state of shouldwedosomething? whatshouldwedo? post-thanksgiving lethargy, we discovered that trans-siberian orchestra was in town and playing that night.  those responsible for gothing up carol of the bells into what's surely my favorite rendition of my favorite christmas song.  oh yeah.  we were going.  someone with fantastic seats sold their tickets last minute for a fraction of their worth and we happily scooped them up.  it was definitely an experience; i see why people go every year!

friends, december is finally here and my christmas-loving heart couldn't be happier.  i only hope time moves a little slower this month, and it doesn't flash past us the way the rest of 2013 seemed to.  happy holiday season and happy dating!

*i dug up this post from last year to play christmas eve/sarajevo as i wrote this.

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