Saturday, December 14, 2013

ho ho hi

despite living in the snow-free palm tree tropics, i find this to be the most photogenic time of the year!  all the sparkly lights, the smart holiday branding on every to-go coffee cup, evergreen (real and fake) in its many incarnations.  i love it all, and i've been wielding my camera like a champ the last few weeks.  above, case in point.

oh and a favorite?  this year's white house christmas card, which i received at my office address.  it's especially exciting and timely since mark and i chose washington, dc for our holiday winter-chaser destination this year.  we'll be in dc the week between christmas and new year's, and as always, restaurant recs are much appreciated!  i lived there for five years, but mark's never spent any real time in dc, so we've got lots of smithsonians and monuments on our tourist itinerary.  fingers crossed my december snapshots will see some snow after all!


  1. Those donut pajama pants! Where are they from?

  2. Founding Farmers is a DC favorite of mine. And for amazing cocktails in a swanky setting, try Quill, the bar at the Jefferson Hotel. Have a wonderful trip!


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