Monday, January 27, 2014

Sunday, January 19, 2014

more parties

a few years ago i adopted the mantra JANUARY NEEDS MORE PARTIES.  i might be a floridian but i certainly feel the same kinds of january blues housebound snow bunnies do this time each year.  the holidays are over, work (or school) is back with a vengeance, and the sun's down before you get home from the daily grind.  i definitely get it.  this month is 2/3 over and while there's been little room for parties, it hasn't been terrible!  sure, i was on three different prescriptions for that grizzly cold for most of it, and yeah, i did speed mark to the ER for six stitches after a wine glass exploded in his hand last monday night, but!  otherwise it's been pretty good, really.

mark and i have collectively enjoyed our christmas gifts to each other.  he received a new record player (finally), i was completely surprised by a fancy nespresso machine that i have no clue how to work, and we've been sipping lattes and listening to old america records like chilled-out champs while we nursed our respective ailments.  i've finally slowed down enough to begin the most of nora ephron which is such a treasure of a book: the exact sort of book that belongs on your bookshelf, not your kindle.  we've also made a serious dent in the inevitable downsize that's looming on our horizon, which always feels good and oh so productive.  if you know anyone who's in the market for a mint condition 1981 galaga arcade game, we've got one to sell...

party on, i say.  even if, especially if, your party's of the kickin' back variety.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

washington, dc

hello!  i've been back from my dc vacation for- what's today?- 15 days, and getting around to writing a little recap and sharing photos has seemed like the most daunting task, but finally, here i am!  (disenchantment with blogging.  blogs in general?  you know.)

so our trip was fabulous. it was cold enough by our standards (high 30s to mid 40s) that we felt like we let some winter into our holiday season, but still nice enough to spend most of our time outdoors on foot.  we saw and did so much, and ate so so well.  there were wreaths with red velvet bows on every brownstone and church in the city, and wandering all the fantastic neighborhoods still humming of christmas made me so happy.  we stayed at the perfectly located jefferson hotel which wound up being a gorgeous and cozy respite for the evenings my long-lasting cough and cold kicked my tourist ass.    

beyond the requisite smithsonian crawl and visits to every monument's christmas tree, this trip had many highlights.  laughably, the first night there we canceled our reservation at the city's top-rated restaurant- a gourmet indian hot spot- only to end up wandering into a different (better?  more our speed) hole-in-the-wall indian place while on a late night cold med run.  for christmas mark surprised me with tickets to see washington ballet's nutcracker at warner theatre, and oh it was such a whimsical and pretty production (and venue!)- definitely among my top two favorite memories from our time in dc.  the other was our meal at le diplomate, a french restaurant that we cabbed over to after the most fun evening at the national zoo's holiday light display, zoolights.  best of all, my parents and brother were able to come up and meet us for a bit!  we happily accepted their offer of car excursions to the national aquarium in baltimore and the air & space museum's remote udvar-hazy center (which mark LOVED).

dc has always been my favorite american city and this trip only reaffirmed that for me.  there is just so much history, beauty, and flavor to take in.  we did SO MUCH in the five days we were there, and still couldn't check everything off our list.  next time!  thanks to mark for accompanying me on a another lovely and super fun vacation.

Thursday, January 2, 2014


a few favorite 'grams from our vacation: 

+pretty painted walkway at FLL. +pasargad carpets' perfect holiday window. +treats at astro doughnuts & fried chicken. +hirshhorn's barbara kruger installation. +national gallery of art's mystical people mover. +rad dragon paddle boats in baltimore.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

happy new year!

good morning, 2014!  so nice to see you!

iphone photos snapped at the national aquarium in baltimore a few days ago.  
or should i say, last year!
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