Sunday, January 19, 2014

more parties

a few years ago i adopted the mantra JANUARY NEEDS MORE PARTIES.  i might be a floridian but i certainly feel the same kinds of january blues housebound snow bunnies do this time each year.  the holidays are over, work (or school) is back with a vengeance, and the sun's down before you get home from the daily grind.  i definitely get it.  this month is 2/3 over and while there's been little room for parties, it hasn't been terrible!  sure, i was on three different prescriptions for that grizzly cold for most of it, and yeah, i did speed mark to the ER for six stitches after a wine glass exploded in his hand last monday night, but!  otherwise it's been pretty good, really.

mark and i have collectively enjoyed our christmas gifts to each other.  he received a new record player (finally), i was completely surprised by a fancy nespresso machine that i have no clue how to work, and we've been sipping lattes and listening to old america records like chilled-out champs while we nursed our respective ailments.  i've finally slowed down enough to begin the most of nora ephron which is such a treasure of a book: the exact sort of book that belongs on your bookshelf, not your kindle.  we've also made a serious dent in the inevitable downsize that's looming on our horizon, which always feels good and oh so productive.  if you know anyone who's in the market for a mint condition 1981 galaga arcade game, we've got one to sell...

party on, i say.  even if, especially if, your party's of the kickin' back variety.

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  1. Agreed. January does need parties, as does February, and March too, if I'm being honest.


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