Saturday, March 29, 2014

pérez & pickles

a couple saturdays ago we headed down to miami to visit the newly opened pérez art museum, in hopes of catching the ai weiwei exhibition before it closed.  i'm guessing you read about the million dollar smashed vase?  mark snapped this fabulous instagram- under close watch, as you can imagine- while we were there.  the collections in pérez were really lovely, made all the more impressive by the museum's architecture.  huge windows at every turn cast the best natural light and provided up-close views of biscayne bay.  i reached for my phone more than a few times to capture photos- their meticulously curated gift shop possibly being my favorite, ha!  after spending a few hours at pérez, we popped over to pride and joy bbq, another new-ish spot we'd been wanting to check out.  although they actually offer a veggie burger, i was perfectly happy with a few sides (FRIED PICKLES ALWAYS) and the scent of mark's wings.  (a vegetarian who loves the smell of bbq joints.  i'm sick, i know.)  two weeks later we're both still full from that meal, and almost ready to go back for more.  i love the dense cluster of cities that make up south florida... so easy to hop in the car for a change of scenery.  i think we'll do it again today!

Friday, March 21, 2014

antigua guatemala

mark and i took a spur of the moment trip to antigua guatemala last month!  mark went once before and absolutely loved it, and has talked often about taking me there.  i fell in love too- instantly.  of all the places we've traveled together, antigua guatemala wound up being one of the more romantic destinations (perfect for a long valentine's weekend!).  gorgeous accommodations, long strolls along cobblestone streets, visits to abandoned ruins- just him and me, drinks on rooftops, really fabulous meals, and lots of talks about the future.  that guy and i are our best selves when we're exploring and adventuring together.  we experienced so much in four days, and because we flew home and got right back to work, the whole trip truly felt like a dream.  m a g i c.

Friday, March 14, 2014

i'm the man

i like to think i'm a pretty chill girl mostly, and when i rang in the new year three months ago i made it a priority to continue working on my chillness.  i let so much roll off my back these days, and it feels really really good.  that said, anxiety courses through the veins of many generations on both sides of my family, so sometimes i can't help being a little fish swimming upstream.  the past couple of weeks have presented challenges in the form of unexplained medical situations (anyone else ever suffered from a random hemorrhage inside their eyeball?), and unfavorite professional responsibilities (standing at the head of a boardroom asking for a bunch of money).  the fact that i'm taking a moment to blog is a good indicator that those challenges have been conquered, anxieties have been quelled, and it's friday evening- hallelujah!  

driving home from work each night the past two weeks i'd punch through my radio presets searching for pharrell's happy which was undoubtedly on multiple stations; i think most of america is treating it as our personal anthem right now.  this helped too... i find this campaign so powerful, i get choked up any time the commercial airs!  so yes, lots of beauty in this life.  allowing myself to focus on the positive and to be proud of the good work i do has brought me to a place that i don't plan on leaving any time soon.  

have a lovely, HAPPY weekend!

Friday, March 7, 2014


have a BEAUTIFUL weekend!
and don't forget about this!  or this!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

cleanest spring

my closet DOES NOT look like this.  but i'll be damned if it hasn't come very, very close in the last year.  i've written a couple times about my urge to simplify my wardrobe, and since then i've achieved power seller status on ebay... not a coincidence!  i'm always going to love fun, beautiful clothing, and i'm a collector by nature.  i'm just finally at a place where i don't have (or want) to keep everything forever and always!  it feels nice.  with that, i present to you another online yard sale of sorts HERE.  and honestly, you might want to bookmark that link because i'm not done yet, baby.

image via design*sponge.
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