Saturday, March 29, 2014

pérez & pickles

a couple saturdays ago we headed down to miami to visit the newly opened pérez art museum, in hopes of catching the ai weiwei exhibition before it closed.  i'm guessing you read about the million dollar smashed vase?  mark snapped this fabulous instagram- under close watch, as you can imagine- while we were there.  the collections in pérez were really lovely, made all the more impressive by the museum's architecture.  huge windows at every turn cast the best natural light and provided up-close views of biscayne bay.  i reached for my phone more than a few times to capture photos- their meticulously curated gift shop possibly being my favorite, ha!  after spending a few hours at pérez, we popped over to pride and joy bbq, another new-ish spot we'd been wanting to check out.  although they actually offer a veggie burger, i was perfectly happy with a few sides (FRIED PICKLES ALWAYS) and the scent of mark's wings.  (a vegetarian who loves the smell of bbq joints.  i'm sick, i know.)  two weeks later we're both still full from that meal, and almost ready to go back for more.  i love the dense cluster of cities that make up south florida... so easy to hop in the car for a change of scenery.  i think we'll do it again today!

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  1. I love the gallery photos. I love the taste and smell of meat even though I don't eat it anymore.


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