Wednesday, June 25, 2014

eating well, who knew?

if we're pals on pinterest, you might have noticed a shift in the sorts of recipes i've been gravitating toward lately. the aspirational ice cream cone and doughnut photos have fallen by the wayside (they're so cute. why are they SO cute?), and heck. you might've unfollowed me after a few too many GLUTEN-FREEs, RAWs, and PALEOs popped up in your feed. a year ago i would've unfollowed right there with ya.

i've done the plant-based diet thing for 15 years, and it's pretty evident that i enjoy it and that's the way i'm going to roll for the rest of my life. keep your beef away from me! that said, i wasn't the best when it came to the plant part. i was really, really good at the grain part!  give me a flagel with low-fat cream cheese and a bowl of sauteed broccoli (not at the same time, ew) and i was golden.  i've never been especially adventurous with vegetables, and that's something i've wanted to change for awhile.

so a few things happened.  one, i started to wonder if my sweet mom's terrible sensitivity to gluten was inevitably going to be passed down to me, and if so, what on earth i'd be eating then.  two, everydamnbody on instagram started something called whole30.  three, mark spent three weeks adventure-eating in vietnam, cambodia, and thailand (another of his amazing trips!  read about it here), and wanted some sort of detox upon his return. 

i did quite a bit of homework online, i bought this book, and i prepared myself for what was sure to be the most depressing month of our lives.  god, so many rules! we'd stop eating anything tasty, never go to a nice restaurant ever again, cry all day, etc.  i was ready for that, i was!  because i'm willing to eat seafood- convinced i'd be totally fine catching and killing it myself (so dramatic)- i knew i could make whole30 work for me if i did it pescetarian style.

and i did.  today is day 31, in fact!  dudes, it was anything but terrible.  this last month was amazing.  there are countless meal rundowns, daily recounts, and awkward belly before & after shots all over the web, but that's not my steez.  i think i came here, to the blog i mostly want to quit, to share how profound this experience was for me.  i LOVE the fresh vegetables, fruit, seafood, and eggs (duh) that we eat every day now, and it's been so exciting to tap in to the rarely-used ::cooking:: portion of my brain and get creative.  spiralized zucchini noodles with mark's famous marinara is my new favorite meal.  we've got dinner reservations this friday at a farm-to-table joint and i'm actually stoked to order the "lasagna" comprised of eggplant, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, and NO PASTA.  like... what?  i'm stoked for a glass of red too, let's be real.

we're traveling abroad next week and i certainly won't deprive myself of authentic cuisine and a robust experience; and what a rad way to live life.  to eat healthy and delicious whole foods at home, to request your boyfriend bake you paleo pumpkin bread in lieu of cake for your 33rd birthday, to no longer think of shake shack as a fun instagram-worthy idea, and to really appreciate food while traveling. 

anyway, i feel really really good.  i just wanted to come here and say that.  but i'm still terrified to try kale.


  1. My absolute favourite way to eat kale is to steam it 'till tender (it takes awhile), chop it up & sautee it in garlic & olive oil, with onions & sweet potatoes. It's sooooo good!


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