Monday, March 23, 2015

it was all started by a mouse

waddup world!  this morning- out of nowhere- i remembered, "oh.  i have a blog."  i thought a little more about it and about what's been going on lately that i'd like to share.  disney?  disney.  i became a shareholder earlier this year and now you'd think i own the empire or something.  in addition to my inherent love of fireworks, parades, roller coasters, booze, and general FLUFF, all the pieces of walt disney fanaticism seemed to serendipitously come together in recent months.  we upgraded our christmas wdw tickets to annual passes at my pleading (see again: booze). mark's car kicked the bucket and he in turn got a sweet new ride that begs for road trips. we watched a walt documentary that made me cry; his entrepreneurial spirit and wanderlust resonate hard in this house. and, honestly?  i was in and out of doctor's offices and tests and scans and stressful waiting so much in six months that it was pure and welcome escapism; psych 101!  [i'm fine, yay.]  so, here we are.  when i mentioned my dust collecting blog to mark he said, "just turn it into a disney blog," and i shot him a LOOK.  that ain't happening but i did create a mousegrams IG account because with more frequent visits to the parks (i've got you in my sights disneyland paris + tokyo!), there's a lot more whimsy to be 'grammed.  follow along if you're a nut, too.  and now: a wdw iphone photo dump.  C you real soon!

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